[aprssig] SPOT engine on APRS.FI

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 21 08:24:40 CST 2012

>> I wonder if we should implement a SPOT engine that looks for 
>> messages to SPOT and then turns them into objects at the senders

> What's wrong with just changing the call of the APRS radio 
> to an appropriate tactical call?

That is one way but it has problems...
1) The object can only have a 6 character alphanumeric name, not 9.
2) Too easy for the sender to forget to change it back and thus introduce
more bogus info doing more damage than good.
3) With the message, it is automatically transmitted 5 times and stops.

I agree.  If SPOT is taken.  I like Lynn's POI idea.


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