[aprssig] SPOT engine on APRS.FI

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Feb 21 08:43:33 CST 2012

> The possibility to "post" a OBJECT/ITEM is a great idea 
> and maybe more advanced functions could be added later 
> after the format has been agreed on.

> Playing more with the idea maybe the DF Report could be added?
> i.e sending "speed PHG RNG SignalStrength Comment" to DF 
> and this is then finding your position and then create a 
> DF object/report:=4903.50N/07201.75W\000/036/270/729

Great idea.  And true.  The object should be able to have a CSE/SPD so it
can be deadreckoned.
How about this format:


MESSAGE:  objname [/$]comment   <== for a fixed object

MESSAGE:  objname [/$CSE/SPD]comment <== for moving

For a DF format, I agree that a separate message to "DF" would trigger that

Bob, Wb4APR

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