[aprssig] POI engine on APRS-IS (no engine required!))

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Tue Feb 21 10:35:02 CST 2012

Op 21-2-2012 17:05, Bob Bruninga schreef:
>> But what LAT/LONG should be used for the wildcard?
> It uses the present address of the sender when the ITEM-in-MSG message is
> created.
>> if you use the current position then you can only create objects
>>   that follows the sender.
> No, they remain or are deadreckoned from where they were first entered.
> Bob, WB4APR
How do you plan to do that if you use the bullitain decaying algorithm? 
every bullitain recieved can be the first one and most software 
overwrites a old bulitain of the same designator and sender with newly 
recieved and with it the item using the then current location, even when 
software does not update item in messages you can still not predict when 
it will actualy be recieved unless you do ack them, at least then the 
creator will know where the reciever will get them.
if you wish the item in message to always be at the spot where you 
create them you need to replace the wildcards at the place you create 
them and then deadreckoning will only start from the last time it is 
recieved, not the first time, at least in all the software I have seen.
That would make sense as every time an object or item is recieved it is 
to be asumed to be correct at the moment of reception.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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