[aprssig] New MSG-OBJ format (rev b)

Lynn W. Deffenbaugh (Mr) ldeffenb at homeside.to
Wed Feb 22 08:59:02 CST 2012

No need.  Strip the space out after the object or optional symbol and 
stick the remainder of the comment right after the position of the 
resulting object.  It's up to the creator to put it all in the proper 
format for the comment section of the packet.  The object server isn't 
responsible for proper formatting of the extra data, just getting the 
object ID, optional or default symbol, and last known location of the 
creator.  Everything after that comes directly from the message with no 

I was actually thinking that the DF stuff should only be parsed if they 
make it a DF symbol ([/\]), but decided that anyone that's using OBJ to 
create DF objects probably knows what they're doing and can read up on 
the proper formatting before starting the foxhunt (or whatever they're 
DFing).  If they don't use the /\ symbol, most DF-displaying software 
won't pick up the extra info for rendering, but that's the originator's 
problem, not the OBJ server.

If we KISS, it'll be easy to use for simple objects while keeping 
greater flexibility for those "in the know" of the extra stuff that can 
go into the comment section.  So, if you take that approach, you already 
support everything that can be expressed after the posit section of an 

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 2/22/2012 7:56 AM, Charles Blackburn wrote:
> While it doesn't support it yet, how are we going to delineate things like
> course and speed.
> I'm assuming we can do the following
> OBJECT   : MYOBJECT [\s] this is an object with a symbol
> OBJECT   : MYOBJECT [] this is an object without a symbol and use "X"
> OBJECT   : MYOBJECT [\s] CSE060/070/ this is an object with a symbol and a
> course/speed
> OBJECT   : MYOBJECT [\s] PHG756936 this is an object with a symbol and a PHG
> Just trying to work out the true format with an example so I can create the
> parser.
> At the moment my server will accept the messages and parse them, but not
> create the objects (disabled atm)
> Charlie
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