[aprssig] POI engine on APRS-IS (OBJ engine IS required)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Feb 23 10:01:12 CST 2012

> I'm still a little hung up on the "why"....
> Is it simply to allow non-object-able clients to place an object on the APRS-IS map?  

Yes.  The idea came up for the special event this spring to Survey the Appalachian Trail for APRS.  Primarily to show a dot-by-dot coverage map along the AT for hams carrying an APRS HT, but also, to allow the hams to enter the position and status for thru-hikers they might meet along the way.  Trail names are almost always longer than 6 characters, so we need a real object capability.  See http://aprs.org/at.html

We used APRS HT message reporting with great success to track over 150 runners at an event (40 mile run across Maryland on the AT) and it worked beautifully.  See http://aprs.org/HAMsupport.html

By having these messages go directly to the APRS.FI map will be a great tool.

Bob, Wb4APR

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