[aprssig] POI engine on APRS-IS

Charles Blackburn ai4ri at cfl.rr.com
Thu Feb 23 23:51:36 CST 2012

Well after a bit more coding and yapping with lynn, 

Try to create object....

00:37:55> OBJECT [\.] this is the first object sent from OBJECT
00:37:55< Sorry. I havent heard a POSIT from you yet
<posit sent>

Try again
00:38:15> OBJECT [\.] this is the first object sent from OBJECT
00:38:15< Obj: OBJECT Created at 29.122 / -80.987

And again but with no symbol
00:39:01> NSOBJECT this is the second object sent from OBJECT (*2-00:39:01)
00:39:02< Obj: NSOBJECT Created at 29.119 / -80.987

And per APRS.FI
2012-02-24 05:38:17 UTC: WX4CB-1>APLOBJ,TCPIP*,qAS,OBJECT:;OBJECT
*240538z2907.31N\08059.21W.THIS IS THE FIRST OBJECT SENT FROM
*240539z2907.13N/08059.21W$THIS IS THE SECOND OBJECT SENT FROM

Now I purposely put it in the same name as the server, but it will not let
you create an object called "object"  through the server , I just thought
the first actual object injected from the object server should be called
object :P

It will even let you kill an object but ONLY IF YOU ARE THE OWNER! By using
the "<OBJECT NAME> *KILL*" command.

ALSO... (just for S & G's) anyone can query the existence of an object by
using the "<OBJECT NAME> *QTH*" command and it will give you the lat/long
and the owner, that's mainly just for testing purposes but I may leave it in
if people think it may be useful.

Now on a serious note.... I do have a concern that arose from me and lynns
conflab on the ol' dog n bone.... are object names case sensitive? My
concern is you can have numerous objects all called the same, but with
different "cases". Ie: Object, OBJECT, object, and ObJeCt are all totally
different objects. Our concern what does sites like aprs.fi / findu do in
that case, and what is bob's official stance on it. Personally, I think it
should all be forced uppercase *OR* searched in a case insensitive way. I
know on my kenwoods I do everything in whatever case I get to first :P


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