[aprssig] OBJ engine on APRS-IS (Naming)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 24 07:52:55 CST 2012

> are object names case sensitive? 
> and what is bob's official stance on it.

Yes, absolutely.  That was the intent from day one so that people could
avoid naming dupes by having 16 different ways to spell the LEAd runner in a
Marathon for example..

> Personally, I think it should all be... searched in a case insensitive

Agree.  Any search should return all matches (case insensitive) so the
searcher can find his particular object, but absolutely CASE must have a
perfect match if an object is to REPLACE an existing object.

Next weekend we will have a marathon, and we are going to spell the LEAD
runner as LEADER-1 to avoid any conflicts with what we have always used in
the past as just LEAD.

What I should do is the week before, begin beaconing on my selection so that
any other marathon around the world can check APRS-FI for any conflicts
before the race.

> aprs.fi doesn't support looking up objects with a comma... in the name...

I agree.  Although the object naming convention was broadly defined, it was
never intended to support unnatural punctuation within names.  I suppose we
should nail that down...

What name punctuation should we allow?

Minimum:  - _ 
More?     /\+=
More?     !@#$%^&*()
More?     ~`[]{}|'<>


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