[aprssig] OBJ engine on APRS-IS (Naming)

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Feb 24 11:26:56 CST 2012

>> Ok so, object names are case sensitive, so you can... have
>> LEADER-1, leader-1, LeadeR-1 as three individual objects ?

> I guess that's not a very popular implementation. 

But it was the intent of the spec to allow for multiple similar things to
remain separate within APRS.  From the very beginning we wanted to have the
flexibility to be able to show an OBJECT of "wb4apr-9" on the same map as an
existing WB4APR-9 when it was sometimes useful to convey multiple separate
"opinions" of where something was and not have them stealing each others

> Might be worth checking how others do it (mine is case insensitive,
> so they're the same object). I also think that case sensitivity 
> like that would be unfriendly to the end users.

It is actually more friendly.  It preserves the sender's intent.  It gives
the users the flexibility they need.  Again, I fully agree that any "search"
function should be case insensitive, so a search can find all existing
instances of similar NAMES.  But that unless there is a case-for-case and
letter-for-letter dupe, then such names are separate objects and do not
replace each other.  

It is true that Callsigns are required to be UPPERCASE.


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