[aprssig] APRS packet rates

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 27 08:37:34 CST 2012

> I would go with 10 minutes for a fixed station of any type.

I think this thread was for DIRECT (no hop) packets.   We kinda establishd
the 30  and 10  minute rates in the spec.  But here is what we intended:

30 minutes basic refresh for fixed stations doing nothing and using a
regional path of 2 hops.

10 minutes update during nets or events or when station is manned and is
showing the manned indicator

10 minutes for FREQ OBJects sent DIRECT from the digi.

3 or 5 minute rate while mobile commuting and doing nothing special

2 minute mobile rate with lots of stations during a long event

1 minute rate while moving in an event and doing something SPECIAL

1 minute mobile if using Proportional-Pathing.  This gives an effective 4
minute mobile regional rate, 2 minute local rate and 1 minute direct rate
for rendezvous with other passing mobiles.

I wonder where we should post this.  Is there anything out there that
contradicts these recommendations?


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