[aprssig] Appalachian Trail Tracking

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Mon Feb 27 15:13:33 CST 2012

Lynn, Hessu

There is an APRS hiker on the Appalachian Trail right now (AL0I-7) with an

We hope to track ALL APRS hikers on the AT this season and build an
end-to-end coverage map.

Can you or Hessu think of a way to aggregate all this data into one 2000
mile long string of data?  Or do we just collect callsign reports and then
wait till we have enough data and then manually connect them?

Even if we came up with a clever SYMBOL or other flag to indicate the AT,
the chances are that some will forget it and do it wrong, so we will end up
having to manually connect the data anyway.

So unless you have a clever idea, Im just going to ask everyone to REPORT
their DATES and TIMES and CALLSIGN when they were actually on the trail and
we can aggregate it later?

How long is data retention in your data base of Hessu's before we have to be
sure to capture the data?

We will ask all hikers to use a 2 minute rate while hiking unless they are
running Proportional Pathing, then a 1 minute rate is the same thing.


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