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[aprssig] Yag Tracker

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Tue Jan 3 15:28:16 UTC 2012

> If APY*** is already given to Yaesu, then APYT** 
> can't be given to the YAG Tracker,  
> What does Yaesu "own"...

TOCALLs are assigned on an equitable basis with sharing where needed.  A
decade ago APKxxx, APIxxx  and APYxxx were listed for Kenwood, Icom and
Yaesu long before they ever had any radios.  Those were only placeholders.
Over time there have been so many applications written, that we have found
it necessary to share many such large blocks. Kenwood does not even
exclusively have APK, only APK#xx where # is numeric.

If someone will capture for me all of the existing APYxxx packets currently
seen, then we can see if there is an obvious sub block.

Jason suggests: "OK, lets go with APRYTx"

I wonder though, if APRRYx would be better since RPC electronics already has

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