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Did a definitive list of software prefixes (toCalls) ever get posted? Or are we still swirling on this?

I agree with Lynn's statement; just from my comparatively local view, there's a lot of strange stuff out there. And it's hard to filter out altnet stuff because so much has to be included.

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Based on about 7 days of full feed, here's the following packet counts for APK toCalls.
 APK001 64 
 APK002 96 
 APK003 1164 
 APK01 1 
 APK101 3869 
 APK102 58024 
 APK-2 1 
 APK391 1 
 APKD70 1 
 APKPC3 3003 
 APKRAM 8413 
 I've attached a CSV file of all of the accumulated toCalls from my database as well.  There's some pretty strange stuff out there.
 Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32
 APWM06 160 
 APWM07 373 
 APWM08 109189 
 APWW01 3 
 APWW02 18 
 APWW03 3 
 APWW05 2369 
 APWW06 3328 
 APWW07 11770 
 APWW08 618303 
 APWW08-2 1 
 APWW08-5 1 
 APWW08-6 1 
 APWW08-9 1 
 UI-View by comparison (only the main APU25N and corrupted variants):
 APU25N 3127718 
 APU25N-1 3742 
 APU25N-4 1 
 APU25U-2 1 
 On 1/3/2012 11:30 PM, Greg Dolkas wrote: ok, thanks for clarifying.  It would be interesting to know what's actually in use.
 But the other side of the question was what currently is implemented on the server side.  Is there existing software out there that has all three characters wildcarded?  If so, then we can re-define to our heart's content, but the new allocations will be mis-decoded until the software changes (if it's still supported).
 Greg  KO6TH
On Tue, Jan 3, 2012 at 7:28 AM, Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu <mailto:bruninga at usna.edu> > wrote:
 > If APY*** is already given to Yaesu, then APYT**
 > can't be given to the YAG Tracker, 
 > What does Yaesu "own"...
 TOCALLs are assigned on an equitable basis with sharing where needed.  A
 decade ago APKxxx, APIxxx  and APYxxx were listed for Kenwood, Icom and
 Yaesu long before they ever had any radios.  Those were only placeholders.
 Over time there have been so many applications written, that we have found
 it necessary to share many such large blocks. Kenwood does not even
 exclusively have APK, only APK#xx where # is numeric.
 If someone will capture for me all of the existing APYxxx packets currently
 seen, then we can see if there is an obvious sub block.
 Jason suggests: "OK, lets go with APRYTx"
 I wonder though, if APRRYx would be better since RPC electronics already has
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