[aprssig] OT: Yaesu to release digital amateur radio gear

Gregg Wonderly gregg at wonderly.org
Mon Jan 9 15:30:29 CST 2012

Echolink is just voice.  D-Star supports data.  If you buy the high end priced 
1.2Ghz radio, it has an ethernet plug on it, and if you have it linked to 
another 1.2ghz radio, you get a 128kb data link with ethernet as your 
"pluggable" interface.  That's pretty easy to use.   There are lots of things 
that could be done with echolink.  But even echolink is tied down as  a 
"proprietary" closed standard.  Sure, we've reverse engineered how it works so 
that my Javecho, and other echolink clients can "work" with it.   But, the 
servers are privately operated, and there is no apparent interest in enhancing 
the protocol to allow "data", multiple UDP port use so that a single NAT'd home 
connection could host multiple echolink instances.

Choice is nice, and "open" can be good, but in the end, there are always 
limitations, and you can either live with them, deal with them with disgust or 
roll your own.   It's easy, and emotionally rewarding, to feel like you are 
doing the right thing by "being disgusted" with what you can use, how you want.  
But, in the end, you are deciding to miss out on what you can do now, while you 
wait for what might be possible later.  It's okay to make that choice, it's your 
right to do just that.  But, standing around, calling names, bad mouthing others 
choices and in general, throwing a fit about what you can't or choose not to 
participate in, is just a waste of time.

Gregg Wonderly

On 1/9/2012 3:19 PM, Bradley Haney wrote:
> Why not use already what we have..  ECHOLINK..  put as many repeaters as we 
> can on Echolink or (Allstar if it was more user friendly to set up)  and then 
> with the use of APRS and AVRS ?  Seems to work  very well  from what I played 
> with it.  What happens  when the  1 dstar repeater in your area goes down? 
>  Lets work on the technology that  uses the equipment we have now.
> just my 1 cent worth.
> kc9gqr
> On Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 11:25 PM, Steve Kostecke <k0stk at arrl.net 
> <mailto:k0stk at arrl.net>> wrote:
>     Tom Azlin N4ZPT said:
>     >Make that IMBE for first generation P25. Still a DVSI product.
>     >
>     >Royalties - seems like a bunch of urban myths here. The DVSI site says
>     >no royalties or licensing fees for buying their vocoders chips and
>     >putting them in radios. see http://www.dvsinc.com/products/a2020.htm for
>     >an example.  I did not have to pay any royalty to buy the AMBE vocoder
>     >chips. something like $8 for surface mount and $18 for DIP in volume. I
>     >got mine for $23 each.
>     >
>     >Might be royalties to build to APCO Project 25, DMR, etc. standards. But
>     >no royalties to build to the JARL standard or use an AMBE vocoder seems
>     >to me.
>     What if DVSI decides to multiply the price per DIP by a factor of 10?
>     What if DVSI decides to not provide backwards compatibilty in the next
>     generation of AMBE?
>     This mania for a mode which is hostage to one company tells me that far
>     to many people have not learned from our collective experience with
>     Microsoft. It's like watching moths circling a flame.
>     --
>     73, Steve, K0STK // k0stk at arrl.net <mailto:k0stk at arrl.net>
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