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[aprssig] Tracker3 OT3m

Bradley Haney kc9gqr at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 20:22:33 UTC 2012

Does this have the capibility to be used on WINLINK  like the tiny tracker
4 can?

On Thu, Jan 5, 2012 at 2:14 PM, Scott Miller <scott at opentrac.org> wrote:

> We *finally* got the finished cases for the new OT3m boards in late
> yesterday.  I've posted some pictures to Facebook in case anyone wants to
> check it out:
> http://www.facebook.com/**ArgentData <http://www.facebook.com/ArgentData>
> The first few units are going to ship today.  It'll take at least 2 weeks
> to catch up with orders in the queue.
> Right now the T3 looks and acts very much like the T2.  But where the T2
> has an 8-bit CPU running at 7.37 MHz, the T3 has a 32-bit CPU running at 48
> MHz.  It also has considerably more code space and RAM, so there's a lot
> more room for new features.
> All of the demodulation is done in software, and performance is on par
> with the MX614 demodulator used on the OT2m in my testing.  Hopefully I'll
> be able to add 9600 baud support before long.
> USB support is identical to the OpenTracker USB - the USB port shows up as
> a COM port (or tty) for configuration or KISS use, and the two regular
> serial ports continue to function as usual.  Unlike the OTUSB (or any other
> previous tracker, really) it's able to update the entire firmware,
> including the USB stack and bootloader, even when it's being updated over
> USB.
> The pluggable screw terminal block on the front makes it easy to connect
> analog telemetry inputs.  The four analog inputs are set up for 0-20v and
> report in 1/10 volt increments, so the analog values are easily readable.
> Internally, component count is reduced and assembly is simplified.  The
> enclosure is a cleaner, simpler 2-piece design, and there are a couple of
> #4-40 standoffs on the bottom that can be used to attach the unit to a
> mounting bracket.
> The only downside so far is power consumption - it's up to about 50 mA
> from 20 mA on the OT2m, but this should fall with future firmware updates.
> I also added a spot for a PS/2 keyboard connector on the latest PCB.
> There's no hole for it in the case, but it does work - you can plug in a
> keyboard and type commands in the blind.
> There's some more information on the wiki here:
> http://wiki.argentdata.com/**index.php?title=OT3m<http://wiki.argentdata.com/index.php?title=OT3m>
> Any pending OT2m orders will be filled with OT3ms unless customers request
> otherwise.  I'll put up a new product listing once we've caught up with
> pending orders.  The price will be the same as the OT2m at $95.
> Scott
> N1VG
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