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[aprssig] Tracker3 OT3m

Bob Burns W9RXR w9rxr_ at rlburns.net
Fri Jan 6 01:28:31 UTC 2012

At 03:14 PM 1/5/2012, Scott Miller wrote:

>There's some more information on the wiki here:

A few things you may want to address in the wiki article (you don't 
have to answer them here...I'm just trying to anticipate potential questions):

1. How much current can the 5 VDC pin on the accessory connector supply?

2. How are the analog inputs scaled? You say that initially they are 
scaled for 0-20 volts. If I have a pressure transmitter with a range 
of 0-5 inches of water column which equals 0-5 volts, do I simply 
scale that input in the OT3m as if it was 0-20 inches?

3. Is the counter input looking for a contact closure or a voltage 
pulse? Same question for the digital input.

4. Where is the voltage source for the Power Switch Output come from? 
Doesn't the power control feature on OT2m switch a voltage source 
that's completely separate from the tracker power supply?

5. What is the part number for the accessory connector? Will you be 
selling that connector separately?

6. I am not very familiar with APRS telemetry, so this may be a dumb 
question...Can the sequence number (T#sss) be reset back to 0?

Looks like another great product!


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