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[aprssig] Tracker3 OT3m

Morten Johansen morten at bzzt.no
Fri Jan 6 06:44:33 UTC 2012


I'll be wanting one as soon as it does 9600 :)

Den 5 Jan, 2012 kl. 21:14 skrev Scott Miller:

> We *finally* got the finished cases for the new OT3m boards in late yesterday.  I've posted some pictures to Facebook in case anyone wants to check it out:
> All of the demodulation is done in software, and performance is on par with the MX614 demodulator used on the OT2m in my testing.  Hopefully I'll be able to add 9600 baud support before long.
> USB support is identical to the OpenTracker USB - the USB port shows up as a COM port (or tty) for configuration or KISS use, and the two regular serial ports continue to function as usual.  Unlike the OTUSB (or any other previous tracker, really) it's able to update the entire firmware, including the USB stack and bootloader, even when it's being updated over USB.

LA1FTA Morten Johansen
morten at bzzt.no

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