[aprssig] OT: Yaesu to release digital amateur radio gear

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Tue Jan 10 05:38:14 CST 2012

Seems you are the first person to offer that explanation. Please provide 
a source to back-up that statement as nothing I have read in the past 
shows it was developed by anyone for any reason other than amateur radio.

As for D-Star being developed specifically for amateur radio, from 

 >>> *D-STAR*(*Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio*) is a 
digital voice and data protocol specification developed as the result of 
research by theJapan Amateur Radio League 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japan_Amateur_Radio_League>to investigate 
digital technologies foramateur radio 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio>. While there are other 
digital on-air technologies being used by amateurs that have come from 
other services, D-Star is one of the first on-air andpacket 
standards to be widely deployed and sold by a major radio manufacturer 
that is designed specifically for amateur service use.<<<


On 1/9/12 6:24 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> Actually it was developed by a consortium of Japanese radio mfrs as a 
> potential digital radio protocol for commercial land mobile somewhat 
> similar to DMR, and was then offered royalty-free to JARL for ham use 
> to essentially "beta test" the system under real-world conditions.
> One huge advantage of DMR is that you can achieve 4800 BPS data 
> transfer in a 12.5 KHz channel or 9600 BPS in a classic 25 KHz channel 
> (two 12.5KHz DMR channels bonded) for non-voice uses, even on VHF or UHF.
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