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After fianlly getting my new wireless printer working, this just across my desk...
Yea, the advisors are biased toward common sense engineering.  What arrogance, eh?  or is it ignorance.  Why the FCC grant a waiver for testing in the first place is beyond me.
73, K9DCI, Steve

Excerpts from the National Journal. Edited by me.

Government Panel Concludes LightSquared Can't Solve GPS Interference

  Nine federal agencies concluded that no practical measures will overcome GPS interference.

The National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing Executive Committee (PNT), which helps oversee GPS, sent a letter to the Commerce Department saying no new testing is needed.
“There appear to be no practical solutions”

The Coalition to Save our GPS praised the PNT and called on LightSquared to give up.  And said “LightSquared has been afforded every possible opportunity, and failed to demonstrate that it can avoid interference " . "There is no evidence that any further modifications to the proposal would yield a different conclusion."

LightSquared contended that the panel is biased, and filed a conflict of interest complaint.  Adding that " it was highly unlikely they would ever be able to provide a fair and unbiased assessment. "

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