[aprssig] Radio Pirates - Question.

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  I would ask; how were they presented by the vendor?  What did the vendor say or claim?  Were they talked about in a cavelier way so as to, perhaps, help people think they were "better" that FRS?  Or as ways to listen in to xxx and yyy?  Stuff like that.
  I would have tried to get the store/person's name just to be able to follow up in some way -perhaps with Laura, depending on how things shake out.  Even an alert to the ARRL .  They are *very* interested in the Wouxun UV-3R radios that fail, by far, the Part 90 certification they were granted by the FCC..
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The problem is that random people, most of whom probably think that the radios they're buying are akin to toy store walkie-talkies, buy them and start randomly stomping all over the spectrum.  

It's legal for them to be sold ( and I think it should be ), but they end up causing all sorts of grief to licensed users.

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Curious but what is exactly wrong with this? Anyone (non-hams) can buy
a ham radio. It's just illegal to broadcast without a license.


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