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All ready happening in my area with 2.4 on the ham bands.
I have also run on to HAMs selling the cheap Chinese radios to church groups programed for GMRS. Not type accepted either. They do  not think they need a GMRS license as no one else has one.

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I work for a TV station where we recently went through rebanding of 
our remote video transmitters as part of the remediation of the 
Nextel interference problem.
Nextel had to move all the TV stations as well as some other users to 
get a clear area for their digital radios.
Wonder why your Nextel bill is so high?
The replacement radios that we got were agile radios made by BMS.
By agile, I do not mean channel agile, I mean frequency agile.
These radios will tune into the 2.4 GHz ham band.
It will be just a matter of time before the seven BAS frequencies 
will not be enough and a TV station Chief Engineer will have one of 
these on a ham frequency.
The Chief Engineer does not hold any type of a license.


At 03:03 PM 1/14/2012, you wrote:
>Amateur Radio is largely self-policed. Anyone can buy an automobile, 
>but it is illegal to operate on the highway without a license. This 
>is fairly well policed in most jurisdictions. The FCC doesn't have 
>lots of folks driving around in cars checking out folks with HTs. We 
>let each other know about these situations because most folks who 
>have buttons to push will push them, PTT included. I doubt the flea 
>market vendor instructed each customer as to the restrictions 
>imposed on the various frequencies the device could access, if the 
>vendor was even aware themself.
>Mike Galgano
>Joshua Shriver wrote:
>>Curious but what is exactly wrong with this? Anyone (non-hams) can buy
>>a ham radio. It's just illegal to broadcast without a license.
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