[aprssig] APRSdos Question...

Kriss A Kliegle kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Thu Jan 19 09:23:50 CST 2012

Been running APRSdos on an old laptop for +10 years...
every now and then the Alarm starts beeping.

I hit Ops Alarmclear and it silences just fine... for a few minutes. Then it starts beeping again. It I hit the spacebar (Hook), the curser appeared on W2DAN-9... not sure if he's the culprit or that's where the cursor happened to be at the time I hit the space bar.

Anyway to figure out who/what makes this happen?
Anway to turn off the alarms completely?
Any APRSdos users out there anymore? lol

Drives my family nuts when I'm out on a three day trip! lol

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