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[aprssig] How to use AVRS?

Bradley Haney kc9gqr at gmail.com
Tue Jan 10 17:32:48 UTC 2012

IN Central IL  I would be glad to host a redundent AVRS server or APRSTT
set up if need be..  I am no computer Programer, but i am willing to help
out by  hosting something to help the  cause.  I would like to have the
APRS TT in our area..

Also it would have been nice to be able to have the Yaesu  QSY button work
in Memory mode,  but for me to get it to work  i have to have it in VFO


On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 11:03 AM, Bob Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu> wrote:

> > How about somebody put 4 or 5 bullets in an email
> > that highlights what AVRS does?
> John will tell you what his AVRS does, so I will say what the overall AVRS
> concept is:
> * Global Callsign-to-Callsign Voice connectivity for APRS mobiles
> * We already have the end-to-end signaling system (APRS messaging)
> * we already have the end-to-end VOIP via IRLP/Echolink/Dstar/Allstar nodes
> * We already know where the APRS mobiles are, and where all the VOIP nodes
> are
> * APRStt (touch tone) tells us where all the non-APRS mobiles (DTMF) are
> * AVRS is the concept to tie it all together
> The goal is to be able to send a message to CALLSIGN-B that you want to
> talk.  Then have AVRS help set it all up and QSY the radios to complete the
> QSO.  Think of it as Ham Radio's cellular system using CALLSIGNS instead of
> Phone Numbers.
> This has been the goal of APRS since 2001.  And Kenwood and Yaesu have
> responded by giving us the QSY function.  They will enable automatic QSY
> once we tell them the final working format.
> I should point out that using a DTMF memory in all other non-APRS radios to
> send out the DTMF callsign ID into the APRS system is the key to the other
> 95% of ham radio adoption of this system.  Please see:
> http://aprs.org/aprstt.html
> John Gorkos will chime in with all of the AVRS he currently has working.
> Also the ALSTAR system is accepting DTMF callsign identification now too.
> Bob, WB4APR
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