[aprssig] Really CHEAP Puck-type USB GPS Receiver

lawrence labranche capdiamont at yahoo.com
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Actually you would need a device that would be the USB host, to talk to the GPS, then convert it to regular serial cable. 



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On 1/20/2012 1:47 PM, r gilson wrote:
> OK now is there an adapter so this receiver can be interfaced to a D7 or D700 Radio?  Awesome and simple way to get on APRS.
> Ron  WA2WWK

The "adapter" would be a complete PC.

USB is a master/slave protocol (more commonly known a server/client protocol).  USB devices (i.e. clients) can only talk to a PC running a fairly complex stack of device-specific software.   Until a computer master has initialized a USB client device and has assigned it an identity, USB devices are completely helpless.

There is no practical way to mate USB devices to other USB devices (or to non-PC devices such as Kenwood radios, OpenTrackers, TinyTracks, etc) without a computer master as middleman.



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