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[aprssig] Radio Pirates

Mike Galgano mgalgano at nanosecond.com
Sat Jan 14 20:03:04 UTC 2012

Amateur Radio is largely self-policed. Anyone can buy an automobile, but 
it is illegal to operate on the highway without a license. This is 
fairly well policed in most jurisdictions. The FCC doesn't have lots of 
folks driving around in cars checking out folks with HTs. We let each 
other know about these situations because most folks who have buttons to 
push will push them, PTT included. I doubt the flea market vendor 
instructed each customer as to the restrictions imposed on the various 
frequencies the device could access, if the vendor was even aware themself.

Mike Galgano

Joshua Shriver wrote:

>Curious but what is exactly wrong with this? Anyone (non-hams) can buy
>a ham radio. It's just illegal to broadcast without a license.
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