[aprssig] Track Garmin Rinos in field, display data on Windows Laptop, hopefully merge with APRS

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Doesn't Xastir already do this?

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> Hi All, I posted this on the Garmin Rino Yahoo Group and Bob Bruninga
> suggested I also post it here.  Thanks for your help.****
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> Hi All,
> I am a physician and volunteer for the scouts as well as for our
> neighborhood Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). I hope to establish
> a base station on a Windows PC that can receive and display the location
> and message packets exchanged with Garmin Rino radios deployed in the field
> and update these on a moving map tactical display as new information is
> received from the Rinos. Ideally this software program could integrate
> packets also from Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) enabled amateur
> radio stations as well. I hope to use the application for coordination of
> scouting activities in the backcountry as well as CERT search and rescue
> operations where a cellular grid may not always be available. It would be
> great to include position data for each party member using whatever
> hardware is capable of sending this information including cellular data
> when available given the largest number of users with this hardware.
> Ideally a user could have an identifier and if the cell grid went down use
> GMRS or amateur radio as a backup. I would hope to be able to see the
> position of each member of the party on a more detailed map with better
> data entry options than the small display of the rino to allow for more
> efficient communication. I currently own two Rino 530HCx models and two
> 530's as well as a Kenwood TH-D72A and Kenwood TM-D710 which have terminal
> node controllers that allow for use with the Automatic Packet Radio System.
> I have found Bob Bruninga's APRS to be a brilliant example of ingenuity. I
> am hoping though to include exchange of data with a broader variety of
> hardware given that I am interfacing with many persons with a variety of
> technical backgrounds and equipment in these activities.
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