[aprssig] Track Garmin Rinos in field, display data on Windows Laptop, hopefully merge with APRS

Anthony Mascola amascola at stanford.edu
Fri Jan 27 11:37:34 CST 2012

Hi All,   

Thanks for your comments.  I am excited by the potential for the additional
offerings that could become available from Byon or Lynn.  Regarding the
software currently available for integrating APRS and Garmin position and
messaging data on the same screen, so far it looks like Xastir is the only
one that has been commented on as being available that will work with both.
I was reluctant to use Xastir given the appearance of the complexity of the
install as I am unfamiliar with linux but I will seek consultation and give
it a go.  Before I do however I would like to know if anyone on the
listserve has actually successfully installed and run this on a Windows XP
machine and has been able to make this work reliably in the field for a
search and rescue type operation with both Garmin and APRS data successfully
decoded and displayed.  Can anyone confirm they are running this setup
successfully?  How did you do your install?  Has anyone used OziExplorer
with OziAPRS which purportedly can do this but seems like it might have the
advantage of a simpler setup?

I have seen old postings that indicate that GPSMan may have difficulty
running in a Windows environment with Cygwin and the postings advised
against using this installation method of Xastir and suggested VMWare.  For
those running Xastir on Windows via VMWare or any other method, are you able
to track both Rinos and APRS transceivers simultaneously?  We don't have the
luxury of multiple machines and will have one Windows XP laptop in our
command post that needs to do a lot of things reliably.  Does Xastir work
when connected simultaneously to a Garmin radio and an amateur receiver to
decode the packets from both frequencies/tracking modes and integrate this
data?  We have Garmin Rino 530s and 530HCxs and either a Kenwood TM-D710 or
TH-D72 available and will simultaneously connect these to decode the packets
unless there is some other way people do this.  We currently use the laptop
to run Outpost to send Damage Assessment Summary reports via packet to the
City Emergency Operations Center while connected to one of the Kenwood
transceivers.  We will need to continue to be able to retain this
functionality as we upgrade to include position and messaging abilities with
APRS and the Rino.  Automating the position tracking functions will save a
lot of air time in conducting health and welfare checks and getting position
reports.  The messaging functions will improve the ability to communicate
quickly and accurately and I am excited about the potential but concerned
about the complexity of the install.  I would like to have some hope that
the labor involved in figuring out the install won't end in a "DiXastir."

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