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[aprssig] Help with KPC 3

AD4BL ad4bl at arrl.net
Sat Jan 21 17:51:15 UTC 2012

the BLT command from the manual:

BLT n {EVERY|AFTER}hh:mm:ss {START hh:mm:ss}/ {EVERY}AFTER}hh:mm:ss 
{START hh:mm:ss}

n=1-4  sets the beacon interval for the associated LT [Location Text] 

n specifies the LT buffer number [1-4]

When the keyword EVERY is used, the LT buffer will be transmitted at the 
interval specified by
the hh:mm:ss parameter [in hours, minutes, seconds]

If the optional START parameter [followed by a time [hh:mm:ss] in 24 
hour format is used,the
BLT beacon will not start until the s[ecified time.  The beacon will 
then be transmitted according to
the BLT interval specified.  If the current time is past the specified 
START time, the beacon will start
as the net scheduled interval.

When the keyword AFTER is used, the beacon will be transmitted once 
after no activity is detected on
the channel for hh:mm:ss time.  The optional START parameter is not 
allowed when AFTER is used.

BLT beacons are transmitted VIA any digipeaters specified by the LTP command

Good luck


Linda<><   AD4BL

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