[aprssig] RK3KKPK? (CONNECTED Igates?)

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Sun Jan 29 05:37:28 CST 2012

Op 29-1-2012 2:45, Bob Bruninga schreef:
>> looks like it just got solved, I picked up a message
>> on my packet bbs from RK3KPK, looks like he is using
>> internet gateways and that might explain him ending
>> up on 144.390 thinking it was a lap.
> Very interesting.  I had forgotten so much about regular packet!!!  SO somehow there was a wormhole from regular packet to 144.39 in Southern California?
> Come to think about it, have I been asleep?  Why couldn't we have an IGate system on 145.01 all over the USA linked into an IGATE system so that everyone's TNC was only a one-hop CONNECT away from any other TNC in the world?
> We could call it APRS-CONNECT on 145.01 (if it has not been taken over by a DX cluster)...
> Bob, WB4APR
You don't even need connected packets, a few weeks ago I talked about 
using ax-udp, the backbone that these wormholes use, to transport ui 
frames from one gate or station to another gate or station, current 
software that I used does not yet gate on destination, only on it's own 
call tho it can gate on generic calls as wel but that would create a mess.
It can be rewritten to gate on MH for destination call.
DigiNed the software I used is afterall opensource and can transport 
both ui-frames and connected frames.
In europe there is another automatic routing system active called 
flexnet, you select the local node as the first digi, the remote node as 
second digi and the nodes will so hop to hop acknowladge and best 
routing for every packet so it can change from one moment to the other 
without the user realising it, offcourse this is designed for RF use and 
does not flood like my aprs-udp idea did.
another interesting note is that flexnet does do mh routing once you get 
to the remote node, it looks what port the user is on and downlinks on that.

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