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[aprssig] Track Garmin Rinos in field, display data on Windows Laptop, hopefully merge with APRS

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 23:50:44 UTC 2012

  Hmmm.  Thoughts.
Seems like a digi that can do Rhino -->  APRS objects would put them on the local APRS net and provide all the features of APRS for both the Rhinos and APRS - and, I think be ok for special ops rather than full time.  This would be third party traffic, no?; and the Digi op would be in 'control'.  If done on the regional APRS freq, then it is also on the net.  I'd have to think about going APRS --> Rhino; that's an even more sticky legal wicket.  I do not know the capabilities of gpsman or xastir.
  If xastir also does digi can understand Rhino, it would "easily" be able to output them in APRS, no...?
Although an APRS client with Rhino input would what is being asked for, but getting the rhino over in the APRS domain gets all the APRS features.

73, Steve, K9DCI 
--- On Thu, 1/26/12, Anthony Mascola <amascola at stanford.edu> wrote:

From: Anthony Mascola amascola at stanford.edu
...Anthony Mascola
 Hi All,
> ...a Windows PC ...display the location and message packets exchanged with >Garmin Rino radios ...integrate packets also from (APRS) ...
> scouting activities ...as well as CERT search and rescue operations ...
Anthony Mascola
amateur: KJ6OKV
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