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Thu Jan 12 15:55:29 UTC 2012

between the CGates, the only translation needed to flag the CGATE digi as
used (CGATE*). The TCP connection would probably use the KISS protocol as
the data format for simplicity, this would require KISS TNCs on each end to
be able to send out packets with the callsign of the person on the other end
of the connection.

A problem would be multiple CGates in range of a single RF originating
station. In that case the operator would need to use the call of one of the
CGates in place of the generic CGATE via. The other end is not a problem
because the originator's CGate would only connect to a single CGate at the
destination, though you may want to add in some sort of quality test in the
routing table so the better of two CGates is the one in the table.

Personally, I am not convinced this is worth the effort, I doubt it would
attract many users, but if someone wanted to try this is the way I would
recommend they do it. You only need write one piece of software (the CGate),
the configuration is automatic, it uses existing infrastructure (at least
during testing) and the RF users need know nothing about the internet
network, it just looks like a digi.

Steve K4HG

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