[aprssig] GPS 18x PC for Kenwood radios

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Mon Jun 18 16:20:15 CDT 2012

> 1)    From the page linked above:
> "This version of the GPS 18x includes a cigarette lighter adapter and 
> a 3.5mm plug that allows it to be connected directly to the Kenwood 
> TM-D700, TM-D710, TH-D7, and TH-D72 radios. The data cable is 
> approximately 15 feet (5 meters) in length. "
> The Kenwoods need a  2.5mm plug!   Or is this a typo?
That was indeed a typo - good catch.  They're most definitely the 
annoying little difficult to solder 2.5mm plugs.

> 2)    What would a scanner do with a GPS?

Look up your location in a database and pre-load lists of known 
frequencies, apparently.  I borrowed one of the scanners for testing and 
found it a little infuriating to work with, but I think that's because 
the owner had only his local stuff loaded and it couldn't find anything 
nearby.  It seemed to have a manual scan mode, but it was not obvious.  
Nonetheless they seem to be very popular, and every year at Dayton I 
have a few people ask if I have a GPS receiver to work with them.  I'm 
already testing a version of the GTRANS with the 4-pin connector.  Saves 
having to buy an $18 adapter and have one more pair of connectors in the 


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