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[aprssig] D710 firmware upgrade

Bob Burns W9RXR w9rxr_ at rlburns.net
Sat Jun 2 09:35:42 UTC 2012

At 08:51 PM 6/1/2012, Andrew Rich wrote:
>Could some one talk me through how to flash my D710 pls

Probably best asked in one of the TM-D710 Yahoo groups. This one:


is the busiest.

First, do you have the appropriate cable? You'll need one with an 
8-pin mini-DIN male connector on one end to connect to the radio. 
Kenwood makes such a cable with a DB-9F on the other end, but it's 
expensive. You can buy one from other sources (at one time this was a 
somewhat common Mac cable) or make one. If your computer does not 
have an RS-232 serial port with a DB-9M connector, you'll need to 
deal with a USB to RS-232 converter. Try to find one with the FTDI chip.

With the appropriate hardware in hand, plug it into 8-pin mini-DIN 
female connector on the back of the RF deck. Use Kenwood's MCP-2A 
program to back up the memories and settings in your radio because 
the firmware updating process wipes the memory in the radio. Then, do 
the "Main Firmware" update. Once that's complete, move your cable to 
the 8-pin mini-DIN female connector on the back of the control head. 
Do the "Operation Panel" update, then do the "TNC" update. Then, move 
your cable back to the RF deck connector and restore your memories 
with the MCP-2A program.


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