[aprssig] Field Day ISS APRS Contacts?

Ted Antanaitis WA7ZZB at arrl.net
Tue Jun 19 14:55:45 CDT 2012

I was able to relay a packet through the ISS yesterday using my THD7A HT.
It is quite quiet since the move of the ISS APRS to UHF. Few (if any?) 
seem to be operating on UHF.

Was wondering if any are going to try Field Day exchanges using contacts
relayed through the ISS? (Especially, any in the Pacific Northwest or 
West Coast)

If so, what is your strategy going to be? Including your class and 
section info
in your CQ beacon and hoping for a return response? As long as the ISS 
is used
for relaying contact info (not using the internet), it should be a legal 
Field Day
contact and eligible for the satellite bonus (IMHO).

Is there any sensible way to take advantage of the THD7A messaging and
auto reply functions?

I'm thinking it might be worth a try if I can put a plan in place.


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