[aprssig] Field Day ISS APRS Contacts?

Steve Daniels steve at daniels270.eclipse.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 19:00:44 CDT 2012

I guess the frequency that has been advertised is wrong, have not heard it
here. Was hoping to use the GX4WAB call through the ISS. Not that it counts
for an award.
If no one has any luck finding the frequency I will contact AMSAT UK

Steve Daniels
Torbay Freecycle Moderator

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I'm with you.  I monitored several passes on 437.550 and heard 
nothing.   But yet an APRS-IS filter of b/RS0ISS* d/ARISS/RS0ISS* shows 
that there's some traffic ostensibly from and through the ISS.

2012-06-19T19:18:09.342 RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,ZL2KG-5:>ARISS - International Space
2012-06-19T20:07:49.269 LA4FPA-6>V0RQP0,RS0ISS*,WIDE2-2,qAR,EI7IG:'{1Nl

`/]Erling JP20QI=
2012-06-19T20:08:26.282 LA4FPA-6>V0RQP0,RS0ISS*,WIDE2-2,qAR,MM1MPB-6:'{1Nl

`/]Erling JP20QI=
2012-06-19T20:09:41.101 ON7KEI-9>UQ1PX0,RS0ISS*,qAR,ON5APO:`{7:l#:j/]"44}73
from belgium=
2012-06-19T20:09:43.631 LA4FPA-6>V0RQP0,RS0ISS*,WIDE2-2,qAR,ON5APO:'{1Nl

`/]Erling JP20QI=
2012-06-19T20:10:22.862 ON7KEI-9>UQ1PX4,RS0ISS*,qAR,ON5APO:`{77l#:j/]"44}73
from belgium=
2012-06-19T20:10:23.166 RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,ON5APO:>ARISS - International Space
2012-06-19T20:56:16.905 RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,ZL2KG-5:>ARISS - International Space
2012-06-19T21:32:19.526 RS0ISS>CQ,qAR,WB2LMV-1:>ARISS - International Space
AB1OD>CQ,RS0ISS*,RS0ISS-4,MIKE,FN31,qAR,WB2LMV-1:=4155.15N/07241.78W`CQ de
AB1OD (FN31)

Lynn (D) - KJ4ERJ - Author of APRSISCE for Windows Mobile and Win32

On 6/19/2012 6:16 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> On 6/19/2012 3:55 PM, Ted Antanaitis wrote:
>> I was able to relay a packet through the ISS yesterday using my THD7A 
>> HT.
>> It is quite quiet since the move of the ISS APRS to UHF. Few (if 
>> any?) satgates
>> seem to be operating on UHF.
> It's actually operating on UHF?   I've been monitoring it for 5 days 
> now and haven't heard a thing!     I was beginning to think that they 
> didn't have a TNC on the alternate radio now being used on UHF.
>> Was wondering if any are going to try Field Day exchanges using contacts
>> relayed through the ISS? (Especially, any in the Pacific Northwest or 
>> West Coast)
> I was just looking at the FD rules last night.  They explicitly 
> prohibit using the ISS digipeater.   (It's considered a violation of 
> the "no FD activity via repeaters" rule, unless you were to work one 
> of the crew onboard themselves rather than another station on the 
> ground.)
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