[aprssig] Field Day ISS APRS Contacts?

Ted Antanaitis WA7ZZB at arrl.net
Tue Jun 19 19:09:58 CDT 2012

On 6/19/2012 3:16 PM, Stephen H. Smith wrote:
> I was just looking at the FD rules last night.  They explicitly
> prohibit using the ISS digipeater.   (It's considered a violation of
> the "no FD activity via repeaters" rule, unless you were to work one
> of the crew onboard themselves rather than another station on the
> ground.)

I don't want to armchair lawyer this, but, as I read the following in
the Field Day Rules:

"7.3.7. Satellite QSO: ... "General Rules for All ARRL Contests" (Rule
3.7.2.), (the no-repeater QSO stipulation) is waived for satellite
QSOs... The QSO
must be between two Earth stations through a satellite."

I do not find a reference directly to the ISS. Perhaps I missed it.
BUT, I did see where the bonus is not available to Class C stations, I
will be operating 1C. Nuts!


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