[aprssig] GPS 18x PC for Kenwood radios

Gary n6lrv at cox.net
Tue Jun 19 20:21:31 CDT 2012

I case anyone is interested, I have a GPS18LVC for sale in like new
condition in its original box. Also have a GPS15H-W like new & latest
firmware in the original package. Asking $35 shipped in the U.S. for each
receiver. Contact me directly (off this reflector) if interested in either
or both.

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I've had a gps18 for years it's great. I have power coming from a usb port 
on the laptop, and the rx line split between the d700 and the laptop... 
never had a problem with it. I've driven almost 50k miles in my work truck 
with them before I took the d700 outta the truck (got told off by the boss 
for having a non company rig in there LOL)

but the gps still is in there running quite happily on the laptop


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