[aprssig] Few days from the largest amateur radio event...

kliegle at myfairpoint.net kliegle at myfairpoint.net
Tue Jun 19 20:21:34 CDT 2012

Not one word on use of APRS on FD 2012?
 Like the path to be used? Something other than usual WIDEn-N?
 Anyone planning on setting up?

 I just reviewed the rules, no mention this year of demonstrating unusual modes such as SSTV, FSTV, RTTY, APRS, etc. 
 So maybe not worth draging gear up to site for the 100 point bonus?
 Kriss KA1GJU
 PCARC FD Call - K1T  5A NH  Atop Stratham Hill, at Stratham Hill Park, Stratham, NH
 75M thru 440Mhz

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