[aprssig] Few days from the largest amateur radio event...

E.J. Caylor caylorman at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 13:02:35 CDT 2012

Seems to be FD= would be more universally searchable if people knew
ahead of time to search with FD=.

Before this thread took place, I searched using *-FD and found several
Field Day objects.  I guess in my mind, it made more sense to me to
figure most stations would use their calls, appended with an -FD
suffix, similar to ham stations appending /P, etc, and not have the
Field Day identifier first.


> But that cannot easily be searched for by ALL clients.  Putting FD=... at
> the start of the name is a more universally searchable means...
> Bob, WB4aPR
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