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[aprssig] Mic-E and non ham aprs use

Andre aprs at pe1rdw.demon.nl
Thu Jun 7 17:08:18 UTC 2012

besides being ham I'm also communication volunteer for the dutch red cross  
and my region is looking into assets tracking, currently google earth is  
used but this is manual so I figured APRS could play a good roll in that  
especialy as it is bidirectional.
The need is not a constant update of every station as posts only rarely  
move so only a position burst after a transmition is more then enough like  
it was done with the original Mic-E trough repeaters, also the frequenties  
and radios are limited so it is likely that data bursts will have to go  
trough the voice channel.
So the question is what trackers there are that still have the original  
Mic-E function of appending the data burst after the transmition and wich  
ones are capable of 9k6?
Also for Bob, is APRS allowed to be used in this matter on red cross  
frequenties or is a licence or permision request needed? to be clear it is  
about the use of APRS by the red cross not if data can be used on red  
cross frequenties.

73 Andre PE1RDW

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