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[aprssig] Best practice (for results) within Europe?

Dave B dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 8 09:06:35 UTC 2012

X posted to the main SIG, and UK list.


In a week and a bit, I'll be navigating/co-driving in this years Help for 
Hero's European 4x4 rally, helping raise funds for the charity that looks 
after military types, after they get badly injured and have to leave the 
service, helping them and their families.  Our "team" has over 800ukp 
raised now in any case, so a good start.

I'll be taking a D7 and amp with me, capable of some 40W out and a half 
decent whip/mag-mount (not my vehicle, so no holes to be drilled) that 
will be wing mounted (ex special forces Landrover 110, it has the ATU 
steel mounting plates on the wings.)

This is just a question to confirm what the ideal path would be to use 
wihthin the Northern European area.  Most of the UK has moved to WIDEn-N, 
but not sure about the EU.  144.800 is the frequency, that I do know.

The D7 (and amp + antenna) can do 70cms too if needed, about 30W out on 
that band.  Spectrally clean too, I checked it all out yesterday.

We depart for France at the end of next week, then through the "low 
countries" endining up somewhere near Austria in about two weeks after 

What's the APRS coverage like?   It has to be better then in the UK I 
hope, here even 40W to a large antenna is hit/miss (mostly miss!)

Related to this, anyone know of an up-to-date list of Echolink/IRLP etc 
nodes (with all needed data re tones, codes etc) throughout the EU, that 
I might be able to access if needed from camp sites with the above kit?


Dave G0WBX-7  (the call that will be used.)

-- Help for Hero's European Rally 2012 participant.
Please help by visiting:-
For any/all donations, all 100% goes to H4H.

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