[aprssig] Field Day ISS APRS Contacts? Doppler

Steve Noskowicz noskosteve at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 22:20:38 CDT 2012

--- Bob Bruninga wrote:
> And remember TX Doppler is in the opposite direction of RX Doppler.  

Doppler shift is the same in both directions, but on the ground we must do all the corrections.  In order to reduce some of the confusion, I recommend rewording the above slightly:

  And remember, your TX Correction for Doppler is in the opposite direction of RX Doppler shift. 

So you need 5 memories:
> RX 437.560  TX 437.540  Approaching
> RX 437.555  TX 437.545
> RX 437.550  TX 437.550  Closest point
> RX 437.545  TX 437.555
> RX 437.540  TX 437.560  Receeding
> Bob

73, Steve, K9DCI

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