[aprssig] Mail host needed

John Gorkos jgorkos at gmail.com
Wed Jun 27 12:05:49 CDT 2012

Most organizations block email from consumer IP blocks, since it is mainly
consumer Pcs that spread spam.  Since I have a residential Comcast
connection, not a business connection, my IP is blacklisted by the
majority of service providers.
I've had several offers for the use of mail relay services, I just need to
get 30 minutes or so to weed through them and pick what works before for
me.  Thanks.

John Gorkos

On 6/27/12 12:33 PM, "Alex Carver" <agcme2002 at yahoo.com> wrote:

>From: John Gorkos 
>Subject: [aprssig] Mail host needed
>>I'm tired of fighting with Comcast over outbound mail.  Does anyone have
>>hosted server somewhere that I can use as a mail relay for
>>The server sends maybe 600 messages per day, to a mix of cellphone
>>(i.e. 2125551212 at tmomail.com) and regular email addresses
>>(ab0oo at arrl.net).
>>I have my postfix mailer configured to use SASL/username&password auth
>>comcast's mail servers, but it's just too unreliable.  Comcast only
>>a certain number of connections per unit time, and will then block for
>>of minutes after that limit is exceeded.
>>If anyone has a hosted Linux server, with reliable email connection and
>>limits on outbound mail and is willing to help, please contact me off
>If you already have postfix why are you not sending mail directly and
>bypass Comcast's servers?  You wouldn't experience a rate limit.  I run
>my own mail server via AT&T that way.  No need to use their mail servers,
>I've already got the connection to the Internet.

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