[aprssig] Mail host needed

Fredric Moses fred at moses.bz
Wed Jun 27 13:15:20 CDT 2012

Use google apps... It allows you to have your own domain.... It's been hosting my moses.bz for 5-6+ years now for mail/calendar/docs n stuff... And I use SMTP/IMAP 24x7...  It does my out bound alerts service as well.. so i am doing a few k of mail messages per day outbound on it for my 2 tone alerts to fire departments.....


They give you 10 user accounts for free now... Back when I signed up it was 100... but looks like you get 10 now...   
Fredric Moses - W8FSM - WQOG498
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On Jun 27, 2012, at 2:10 PM, John Gorkos wrote:

> Does great for inbound mail, but I need to send 400-600 emails per day
> using pure SMTP, and I want them to come from aprs-alert.net, not from
> jgorkos at gmail.comŠ
> I'm a huge fan of Gmail, but they're not set up for what I want to do.
> On 6/27/12 2:09 PM, "James" <kb7tbt at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Go with Gmail
>> www.gmail.com
>> POP3/SMTP or Web based access
>> 73
>> James
>>>>> I'm tired of fighting with Comcast over outbound mail.  Does anyone
>>>>> have
>>>>> a
>>>>> hosted server somewhere that I can use as a mail relay for
>>>>> The server sends maybe 600 messages per day, to a mix of cellphone
>>>>> numbers
>>>>> (i.e. 2125551212 at tmomail.com) and regular email addresses
>>>>> (ab0oo at arrl.net).
>>>>> I have my postfix mailer configured to use SASL/username&password auth
>>>>> with
>>>>> comcast's mail servers, but it's just too unreliable.  Comcast only
>>>>> allows
>>>>> a certain number of connections per unit time, and will then block for
>>>>> tens
>>>>> of minutes after that limit is exceeded.
>>>>> If anyone has a hosted Linux server, with reliable email connection
>>>>> and
>>>>> no
>>>>> limits on outbound mail and is willing to help, please contact me off
>>>>> list.
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