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[aprssig] Balloon DFing on APRS

Bob Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Mar 2 02:39:35 UTC 2012

We all need to test our ability to SEND DF reports on APRS for the upcoming
balloon launch.  It could be Monday or next Friday maybe.

We hope people will enter APRS DF reports so that we can see the resulting
DF plots aoutomatically.

I realy have never looked to see what APRS.FI displays.  But DF bearings
taken over a  long event or time, need to have a means for "replaying" them
all over a time for something that is mving.  If they are all just displayed
at once, then it is useless.

I just posted a 512 mile DF bearing line at 088 degrees from Maryland at
0234Z on 2 March.  Anyone else want to put in some bearing lines.  Lets
assume the imagined balloon is a few hundred miles due east of Maryland.

Im in the doghouse so cannot hang around to see the result.
Oh, my DF bearing is from WB4APR-3

I see my DF symbol on APRS.FI, but haven't found a way to have it plot the
bearing line...

Have fun.


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