[aprssig] radio aprs vs internet aprs

Eric Lorenz K9LGE k9lge at emlorenz.com
Tue Mar 20 08:35:50 CDT 2012

Hi Mike,

No problem...when you use APRSDroid, you are connected to what is called
APRS-IS. Is it basically as you describe ...a set of APRS nodes connected
over the internet. By default, APRS-IS is separate from the RF side of
APRS. There are stations that may choose to gate -IS traffic over to local
RF (usually a limited stream- when users are passing within a certain
radius of a station, so locals can see all traffic). Usually it is more the
other way around...where the RF side is getting gated to IS. You will find
here a great...'diversity' of opinion on the merits of mixing RF and IS
APRS traffic. Personally, under controlled guidelines, I think it is
beneficial to do so. But I  am only one opinion here. :-). So that is why
you don't by default see your traffic come up on local RF...you only will
if there is someone reverse-gating your traffic to RF.

Eric K9LGE
On Mar 20, 2012 8:24 AM, "Mike Goldweber" <mike at mikegoldweber.name> wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> On Saturday volunteered at a 5K race to help with the communications
> support.  While I was sitting in my car waiting for the race to begin, I
> thought it might be fun to turn on the APRSDroid app to see if any of the
> other volunteers would appear on my display.  Several did, which was
> exciting (bear with me, I'm new to all aspects of digital radio).  So, I
> decided to go a step further and I attempted to send a message through the
> application.  Apparently the message did and did not get through.
> The next day I ran into the guy who organized and ran the communications.
> He told me that he got the message when he linked his system to the
> internet, but during the race he comm's trailer was not linked to the
> internet, which is why he did not receive my message immediately.
> So I'm a little confused.  I can imagine a pure internet set of links (and
> displayed nodes), and I can imagine a set of pure radio linked nodes.  I am
> a little confused about what seems to be a partial mix of internet or radio
> nodes.  Could someone please explain the mechanics of this to me?
> Thanks,
> Mike Goldweber
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