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[aprssig] Charlottsville, NC Hamfest?

KB1TX at aol.com KB1TX at aol.com
Fri Mar 9 22:58:08 UTC 2012

No, but I am going to the MWV ARC swap meet in Conway NH! 
We will have a demo of APRS running. A digi running from my house,  
KB1TX-1, and Internet APRSISCE, W1MWV-10, at the swap meet. Hopefully some  of 
those attending will be running APRS in their vehicles.

Arthur L Smith

KB1TX at  FN43ju
Chocorua, NH, USA 

In a message dated 3/9/2012 11:00:18 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
bruninga at usna.edu writes:

Anyone  in Virginia or Maryland going to the Charlotte, NC hamfest  this
Saturday?  I believe it is in Concord NC... The Roanoke  Division

I left something there and need someone from  VA or Maryland to bring it
further north.

Bob,  WB4APR

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