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[aprssig] SPOT on APRS

Peter VERNON peter.vernon at jbo.com.au
Tue Mar 13 00:39:09 UTC 2012


Had been reading the archives here after having seen something we build got
a mention in one of the threads. Now firstly let me make it clear, saw some
confusion in other posts, by SPOT I mean the personal satellite trackers.  

So what we have done is built service which takes position reports from the
SPOT servers for known users and passes them out to the APRS network under
the users callsign. We did this following a BMARC trip out into the 'never
never' where we took a VHF / HF gateway with us to keep the reports coming.
However there were 2 issues with this solution. Firstly the HF packet ruled
out HF operation from the other vehicles and secondly the laptop we took was
destroyed by the constant corrugations. 

So basically if anyone here has a SPOT and wants it linked let me know I'm
more than happy to add you in. We currently have hams in Aus, US Italy and
Russia on the system. 

If you just want to know a bit more about it have a look here

Regards & 73's
Peter VK2US


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