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[aprssig] SPOT on APRS

Dave dave at g8kbv.demon.co.uk
Wed Mar 14 17:12:53 UTC 2012

Take care with SSD's.  Either disable the use of the windows swapfile, or 
use a low cost low density magnetic drive for that.   Don't bother with a 
RAM drive, if you've got enough RAM for a swap RAM drive, you don't need 
the swapfile!  ;-)

SSD's will (not if!) die after a short life if you let Winders use one 
for the swapfile, though it'll be blisteringly quick while it works!.  
Depending on the SSD technology and activity, lifetimes can be hours to 

The Howe & Howe guys, gave up trying to rugedise a hard drive on it's 
own, so they just mounted an entire laptop on a metal plate, and 
suspended that so it could move in all three axis, with long travel 
sprung damping.   In one of their videos, they drop the whole assembly 
some 4' onto a concrete floor, with no problems.   You just then need 
some very flexible cables for power and data (and I guess in your case, 
monitor video out.)

Or, just go find one of the older ToughBooks.

I found in my Land Rover, it wasn't the vibration that got to the laptop, 
but the dust!...   The insides were caked in the stuff after some time, 
as was also the trusty IC-706 radio (and everything else!)

One cold damp morning later, and non of my high tech' toys worked right, 
untill I let the heater do it's trick for an hour.  Magic things 

The 706 in particular hoarded an amazing lot of dust, when I eventualy 
stripped it for a blow out.


Dave G0WBX.

On 14 Mar 2012 at 9:36, Peter VERNON wrote:

> G'Day Dave...
> I've seen some of their shows out here always love these 'build stuff'
> shows. In hindsight a solid state drive would have prevented the issue
> and will look at that for the in-car computer used for navigation off
> road. Though for now when we travel the laptop is off in a padded
> case.
> 73's
> Peter VK2US
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> On 13 Mar 2012 at 11:39, Peter VERNON wrote:
> > and secondly the laptop we took was destroyed by the constant
> corrugations. 
> You want to contact them good ol' boys at Howe & Howe, the "Ripsaw"
> people, to find out how to vibration proof a laptop.
> Google 'DARPA Ripsaw' to see what that's all about.
> Dave G0WBX.
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