[aprssig] Blue Horizon Balloon info

Bill Diaz william.diaz at comcast.net
Sat Mar 24 10:12:16 CDT 2012

http://www.projectbluehorizon.com/ does not have much info on their 
Transatlantic Balloon flight attempt.   The following info contains all 
relevant information I could find or obtain.

30m at 10.14658
40m at 7.10231 MHz

CW mode, transmitting morse code lat , long, altitude, battery voltage. 
30m on the 05, 25, 45 of every hour 40m on the 10, 30, 50 of every hour

APRS callsign KD2AUC-1



     Apparently, http://www.projectbluehorizon.com/#flight shows 
altitude in meters.

Still no CW traffic heard in Illinois on either freq at the scheduled times.

Bill KC9XG
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