[aprssig] IRLP Node Object

Paul Yeager paul at mtnlist.com
Sun Mar 25 22:37:02 CDT 2012

I recently reconfigured my EGLNST digi to conform to WB4APR's latest
recommendation for Kantronics 8.3 or later firmware at

Things seem to work fine, except for the IRLP node object that I programmed,
which apparently aprs.fi has problem parsing. WB4APR's document suggests the
following format:


... and what I entered is:

;IRLP-4397*111111z3522. NI08313. W0444.875MHz T131 K4RCC

I used spaces instead of hundredths of degrees for position ambiguity.

My problem is that aprs.fi appears not to like the format. Viewing the raw
packets reveals:

2012-03-25 22:05:09 UTC: EGLNST>APN383,qAR,N4NE-1:;IRLP-4397*111111z3522. 
NI08313. W0444.875MHz T131 K4RCC [Delayed or out-of-order packet (timestamp)]

Is my formatting of the object message faulty, or does aprs.fi not parse it

Thanks in advance.

73 de W4SKI

Paul Yeager
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